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Skogens sang


Kan du høre det?
De synger om våren,
om sommeren som var.
De synger om høsten,
og at vinteren er nær.
De synger for meg.
De synger for deg.
De synger for alle og en hver.
Kan du høre det?





My demons don’t like this place
they don’t want me to walk these halls.
My demons don’t want me to get better
they want me to engage in their brawls.

My demons are not my friends
though at times they do seem friendly.
I don’t want them here anymore
though the need to have them is felt intensely.

I feel alone without them
and lonely in their company.
I have to say goodbye, dear demons,
and leave without you triumphantly.

The courage I need is lacking
but I know that it will come.
The days of being trapped with you
will, at last, soon be gone.




I’m cold and numb. I can’t move. I’m like a statue, made of stone. Paralized by my own fear. All alone. With raindrops and tears streaming down my face.

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